Distance Learning

The classes at CCGS Bible College are life changing. Much of this has to do with the unexplainable dynamic that happens when students and teachers are in the same room and the Holy Spirit does what only He can do. We believe nothing can substitute for this spiritual learning environment filled with worship, prayer, discussion, and fellowship. For this reason, we highly recommend that students do their course work here on campus.

However, we realize there are many people who live at a distance and in other states for whom taking classes here is not possible. So, we’ve set up online classes especially for them. As selected classes are taught on campus here, they are recorded by our outstanding video team. Then these high-quality videos are uploaded for distance students to watch. In most cases, distance students do the same course work as the on-campus students and interact with their professors or teacher’s assistance online. It’s the next best thing to being here.

Currently there are 26 classes available for distance learning:

  • Acts
  • Biblical Doctrines 1
  • Biblical Doctrines 2
  • Church History
  • Daniel
  • Gospel of Luke
  • Hebrews
  • Life of Christ
  • Pentateuch
  • Prison Epistles
  • OT Survey 1
  • OT Survey 2
  • NT Survey 1
  • NT Survey 2
  • Revelation
  • Romans
  • Studying God’s Word
  • Philosophy of Ministry
  • Galatians / Ephesians
  • NT Theology
  • Attributes of God
  • Practical Christian Ministry
  • Legacy of the Christian Family
  • Christian Theology
  • Apologetics and the Cults
  • Parables of Jesus

Only a select group of these classes are offered each semester. Each semester new classes are recorded and made available online. Our goal is that students at a distance will be able to complete a large portion of their Associate of Theology degree, Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree, or Certificate of Completion by taking online classes. The remaining classes will need to be taken on campus for degree completion. Students can refer to the “Degrees and Certificates” section of the academic catalog for degree requirements. Online classes are only available for distance students (more than 25 miles) or by special approval. These courses are for credit only, and in addition to the cost of registration and tuition, there is a small online fee for taking them. To register for these courses or to get more information about them, please contact us at (909) 859-6519.